Friendship Garden (Wicked)
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Friendship Garden (Wicked)


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Sponsored By
Garden Designer
Edward Pierce

Established in 1982, this small, well-used garden has for many years served as a local oasis for neighborhood seniors and provides a quiet place for informal gatherings, cookouts and birthday celebrations.

In 2007, as part of their Green for Good campaign, the smash Broadway production of Wicked provided funding to renovate the Friendship Garden with a wildly imaginative and fantastical design provided by the show’s Associate Scenic Designer, Edward Pierce.

Echoing themes of the Land of Oz – and as portrayed in the Broadway production – the Friendship Garden features unique Oz-inspired lampposts and fencing, a poppy-painted mural, a "yellow brick" path, an "emerald" granite patio, a spiral-twisted stone barbeque and two new street trees in front of the space. The revitalized garden is also lush with plant life, including a variety of roses, lilies, hostas and hydrangeas. Finally, a wishing well, located in the middle of the garden, symbolizes that a community working together, as one, can truly make any wish come true.

Garden Size
1499 Square Feet
Barbeque grill

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