Gardens for the City

Apply below for NYRP to renovate your outdoor space.

Our Gardens for the City (GFTC) program’s mission is to work with community partners to create and provide gardens and other green spaces to low-income and/or underserved communities throughout New York City that will contribute to the environmental well-being of these communities and those who live there.

GFTC’s goal is to mitigate disparities that prevent these communities from accessing and utilizing green spaces and promote equity and social justice in areas that are often overlooked by these opportunities.

Applications for GFTC are accepted on a rolling basis. Submitting an application does not automatically qualify you to receive materials. We will contact you to organize a site visit to better understand your project details and follow up to be in touch if your project is selected.

Note: Due to the high volume of applications, all future GFTC inquiries will be considered for 2025. Thank you for your interest and patience.

What we provide:

  • Planting trees, shrubs, perennials, and more
  • Building raised beds, trellises, compost bins, garden furniture, pergolas, shade structures
  • Applying topsoil, compost, and wood chips
  • Creating pathways, small fencing installations
  • Installing small rainwater harvesting systems
  • Removing trash, rubble, woody brush, and herbaceous materials

Ideal candidate will:

  • Be located in or serve a predominately low-income and/or underserved community in NYC
  • Engage community members for future stewardship and care of the garden.
  • Obtain permission from the property owner to install a garden.

Include in your application:

  • Responses to all questions in the below form
  • Please send photos of your project/designs to Yessenia Santiago, Assistant Director of Operations: [email protected]
  • Please read the application carefully, complete it as fully as possible, and follow submission deadline instructions. Responses to applications will be via e-mail so please check both main inbox and clutter/spam folders as well.
  • Please contact NYRP at 212-333-2552 if you have any questions