Use a Garden

Our gardens are community hubs.

Due to COVID-19, NYRP will only approve community events open to all members of the public. NYRP will not approve private celebrations, such as birthday parties. Learn more and reach out here. Read our complete COVID-19 policy here.

NYRP does not charge a fee to use the space, for community members and non-commercial entities, but gardens must remain open and accessible to the public at all times.

Please read the following frequently asked questions before applying:

What kind of event can I hold in a community garden?
Music performances, poetry readings, lectures, movie nights, puppet shows, fitness classes, dance performances, cooking classes, etc.

I am not a member of the garden, can I still apply?
Yes, however garden group approval is required before holding an event in their space. We recommend you go to a garden meeting prior to applying to meet with the gardeners and talk about the event you would like to hold in the garden.

How can I use the funding?
Funding can be used to support the creation or execution of your publicly accessible events in NYRP gardens. Types of uses might include: materials, talent, or fitness instructors.  This money can not be used for food, beverages, or equipment. Please note that if you are selected to receive a grant, receipt of funds is contingent upon an agreement of terms to be sent with acceptance notification.

Do I need to apply for both equipment and money from the activation program?
No! You don’t need to apply for either. If all you need for your event is to borrow NYRP equipment, great! If you just need to apply for funding, that’s also great. You can also apply for both equipment and funding or just use the garden. Equipment is loaned based on availability and comfort properly using the equipment selected.

Is there a deadline for the grant program?
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Additional information:

  • Please allow up to four weeks for review and approval of your application.
  • Applications of just equipment, dependent on availability may have a shorter turn around.
  • While there is no deadline during the season, ALL grant applications for events in September and October MUST be submitted in August.


Grant Selection Criteria

  • Ability to support NYRP’s mission and vision that nature is a fundamental right of every New Yorker
  • Thoughtfully crafted project or event idea with a clear community impact
  • Demonstrated past success/high-quality projects or events
  • Clarity about how the grant will be utilized and why it is needed
  • Garden availability and garden group approval

COVID-19 Policy

We are working hard to expand options for access to safe clean open space this season. Consult our COVID-19 policy for our latest updates.

COVID-19 Information