An Evening ‘Made of Magic’: STUDIOS Architecture Wins Hulaween’s Best Group Costume Award


“The whole evening felt like it was made of magic.” That’s what Serena Davis, who does business development at STUDIOS Architecture, said after a momentous night at NYRP’s Hulaween 2018 where she and her colleagues took away the award for “Best Group Costume.” Hulaween is NYRP’s premiere fundraising gala and was held on October 29 at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan.

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How East Harlem does Community-Driven Wayfinding


How do you implement a community-responsive system to increase access to public space? That’s what Bethany Hogan, NYRP’s director of government affairs, set out to explain last month at the “walk bike places” conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. “The approach, like everything we do, is about meeting people where they are and using new projects as an opportunity to showcase community members,” she said.

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Gothamitis 2018: Beyond Broken Windows


“This idea of ‘social infrastructure’ is enormously powerful,” said Eric Klinenberg, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, to a room full of nearly 60 people at the Park Avenue Armory on the Upper East Side. Referencing his investigation into a catastrophic heat wave in 1995 that killed more than 700 people in Chicago, he said, “I realized there's something going on that we don't observe because we don't have a concept for it.” That concept is “social infrastructure,” he said.

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Rethinking Illness in the South Bronx


“We find it hard to say, ‘If you have really great open space near you, literally everything could get better. You will be less likely to experience crime. You will be more likely to have higher quality mental health. You will be more likely to do active recreation,’” said New York Restoration Project’s Director of Government Affairs Bethany Hogan during a recent panel conversation by More Art and CUE Art Foundation, two arts organizations dedication to supporting emerging artists and promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration The panel was entitled “Rethinking Illness: Art, Health, and the Environment.”

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Friendship Community Garden Celebrates 10 Years!


“Over 30 years ago Mrs. McClarey and her neighbors on W 150th St. transformed our garden from a pile of trash into a beautiful green space where our neighbors can meet and get to know each other,” said Signe Mortensen, garden coordinator at Friendship Community Garden, during the ten-year celebration of the garden’s redesign. “We must know our history in the community in order to embrace the future and the garden is a cornerstone of coming together,” Mortensen said.

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‘Giving Garden’ Opens in Queens


“The plan is to benefit the day residents and full-time residents of Queens Center for Progress,” said NYRP’s Director of Garden Horticulture Jason Sheets. “They had a couple of raised-bed gardens in the complex, which was very popular, so they wanted to use this wide-open space to create more room for vegetable gardens, for folks to come in and use the beds as horticultural therapy,” he said.

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Welcome to El Barrio!


“Today more than ever, telling someone that they belong, that this space is for them to care for, that this is for them to love and enjoy, is revolutionary,” said Director of Community Engagement Annel Cabrera-Marus at NYRP’s annual fundraising gala, Spring Picnic, in June. “It is a revolutionary act to make sure that community is heard and that they see themselves in our open spaces,” she said.

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NYRP Puts the Dogs Out at PS 84


For years, students and teachers at PS 84, an elementary school on West 92nd Street in Manhattan, were frustrated by people and their dogs trampling flowers and other plants in front of their school.

Until NYRP showed up.

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Manhattan Garden Commemorates 9/11 First Responders


On June 2, hundreds of Inwood community members gathered at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Isham Street in Upper Manhattan for the unveiling of the Daniel F. Mulvey Inspirational Garden, which honors and commemorates eight local first-responders, who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

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Big Welcoming for Sherman Creek Waterfront Pop-Up Park


“It’s like our own little end-of-the-school-year party!” exclaimed Sean, 10, to a fellow P.S. 5 classmate while playing soccer with his friend on June 26 at Sherman Creek in Upper Manhattan. NYRP celebrated the beginning of summer by hosting a party and Pop-Up Park on the site, which included ice cream, games, and music from the group Underground Horns.

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