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New York City currently owns more than 360 unbuildable lots. The spaces are primed to become parks, gardens, and open space for public use. But that won’t happen unless we act decisively now.

Please, sign the petition now. Tell Mayor de Blasio how important urban open space is to you, and urge him to put these spaces under NYRP control.

Your support now will prove to City Hall that only New York Restoration Project is up to a task like this.

Together, we can convert and maintain the largest stretch of urban land since our inception!


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Message: Keep Public Open Space a Top Priority
To: The Honorable Bill de Blasio, Mayor of the City of New York

This summer, eight million New Yorkers will rely on our parks, gardens, and beaches. We will enjoy fresh air, get active, get together, and even put food on our tables. In turn, the city will benefit from ecologically resilient, well-maintained public open spaces that add tremendous value.

But, these world-class public resources won’t reach all of us. Entire neighborhoods still lack their share of clean, green, open space, and opportunities to acquire new land are increasingly rare. That’s why I urge you to help shape our city’s future by acting decisively now:

  • To place unbuildable or flood-prone public land under the care of New York Restoration Project. (The best equipped team to convert and maintain these spaces!)
  • To promote the creation of multiuse, green public spaces where they are needed most urgently — especially in our city’s most under-served neighborhoods.
  • To stand by New York City's financial commitment to making to public open space accessible — namely through partnerships with upstanding organizations like NYRP.

I believe that public open spaces are at the center of our shared urban future. With your leadership now, New York City can become the cleanest and greenest city in the world — for all of us!