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FAQs for Tree Adopters

What do I need to do to know before adopting a tree?

If you are planting in a front yard, please call DigNet (811) prior to adopting to ensure the space that will be planted is free of underground utilities. NYou can also use the US Forest Service's 'Right Tree, Right Location' method to determine the best tree species for your space. For a deeper look at the positive effects your trees can have on your property, we suggest using iTree Design. This tool will assess net energy saved, stormwater runoff mitigated, and particulates removed depending on the placement of your tree. It also includes a model for your tree’s canopy growth as it matures. 

Why and how do I register online? 
Online registration allows to you reserve a tree of your choosing ahead of time. Please arrive within the first hour of the event to claim any tree that you have selected online. Registration is limited to one tree per household. Duplicate registrations will be void. 

I can’t select the type of tree I want because it says “Registration Full.” Can I still pick up that tree?
We have limited quantities of trees. As registration fills up, some species become unavailable. 

Do you give away fruit trees, evergreens, or flowering trees?
We give away a huge variety. If you are interested in a specific species, please check the online registration for details on species availability.

Online registration is closed; can I still get a free tree?
Yes! Limited quantities of trees will be available on a first come, first served basis at the beginning of the event. After the first hour of the event, if any trees have not been picked up by online registrants they will be made available on a first come, first served basis. Make sure to get there early!

I registered for a specific tree but I changed my mind, can I switch?
You are not allowed to switch species for online registration. If you want to switch you must cancel your online registration and wait in the first come first serve line.

Can I take more than one tree during the giveaway?
Yes. You may only take up to two trees during the giveaway. Anyone wanting to take home a second tree must until the second hour of the event and join the first come, first served (Walk-Up) line .

Can I pick up a tree for a family member or friend?
No. Each person must arrive with their photo ID to claim their own tree. 

Can I plant this tree in the sidewalk in front of my house?
No these trees are not suitable as street trees. To request a street tree you must call 311.

I don’t have a backyard, can I plant this tree in a large planter?
No, these trees need space to grow. By adopting an NYRP tree, you are committing to planting your tree in the ground and ensuring that your tree survives. The tree will not live long if planted in a planter.

I want a tree but I don’t know anything about how to plant or take care for it, can you help?
Yes! Every tree comes with an identification tag which includes planting instructions. See our planting and care guide on this website.

I’m adopting a fruit tree is there anything special I need to know?
We suggest you test your soil if you are planning on eating the fruit of your tree, instructions on how to do this are available online. While we try to provide trees that are self-pollinating sometimes the fruit trees need another tree to make fruit. We don’t always have both species available at the event and encourage people adopting fruit trees to do their research.

Where can I get free mulch?
Your borough parks office can provide you with free mulch. Call 311 to find out more.

I’m interested in learning more about trees in general, what are some good resources?
MillionTreesNYC hosts free tree care workshops all over the city. Check our calendar for the most up to date information. For more information about pruning you can take a citizen pruners tree care course from Trees NY, with scholarships offered by NYRP to Bronx residents.

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