Target Community Garden - Brooklyn
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Target Community Garden - Brooklyn


All NYRP community gardens hold a minimum of 20 open hours per week. Please check the bulletin board at the garden for times and details.

Sponsored By
Garden Designer
Sean Conway

In 2007, the garden was beautifully restored with generous support from Target. Nationally acclaimed garden designer and horticulturist Sean Conway partnered with New York Restoration Project (NYRP), local community groups – including the Bedford Garden Group and Block Association – and neighborhood residents to create the garden's stylish and innovative design.

As a result of these combined efforts, the Target Community Garden – Brooklyn bursts with flowering bulbs and fruit trees each spring and features vegetable and ornamental planting beds. The garden’s most prominent feature – a paved patio with comfortable seating, protective awning and steel arbor, all located at the back of the garden – is designed to function both as a gathering and performance space and is reached by bleacher-style steps constructed from stucco. Other garden highlights include crushed-gravel paths and a rainwater collection system with a wooden water tower. In addition, a recycled brownstone slab on-site has been used to create a bench inspired by the neighborhood’s historic architecture. In the front, four gates and two flowering pagoda trees provide a beautiful and open welcome to neighborhood residents and intrigued visitors.

The Target Community Garden in Brooklyn is another important and progressive step forward for this rapidly revitalizing section of Bedford-Stuyvesant. This versatile space provides areas where neighbors can relax, have barbeques and hold community events, as well as a lawn where children can play. With eight public schools in close proximity, the garden is also ideal for environmental education and community programs.

Garden Size
4000 Square Feet
Performance Space, Lawn, Stage
Gardening fruits and vegetables, Outdoor learning

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