At New York Restoration Project (NYRP), we understand that without the generous support of donors, NYRP would not be able to continue our dream of creating a greener and more sustainable New York City. With that always in mind, our staff and volunteers work harder and leaner to achieve NYRP’s and Founder Bette Midler’s mission by utilizing corporate, foundation and individual funding in the most effective and creative ways possible. By keeping administrative costs low, NYRP is able to direct 82 cents of every dollar raised to funding environmental and community-based programs – working to ensure that every dollar spent is a dollar worth giving.

At NYRP, we believe that being cost-conscious is a green virtue that should extend to all resources, not just those Mother Nature provides. In recognition of our efforts, over the past three years, NYRP has consistently met and exceeded industry standards with regard to overall financial responsibility and was recently awarded both the Better Business Bureau seal for “Best Practices” as well as a “Four-Star” charity rating by Charity Navigator – the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities.

Sound fiscal policy is the foundation of any financially healthy organization and the key to sustainability. At NYRP, our fiscal policy is defined by the following: financial discipline, internal control and risk assessment, and governance. The essential elements within each of these categories provide the basis for our sustainability – playing an important role in achieving our day-to-day, annual and strategic objectives, as well as maintaining our long-term financial health.

Access our financial data and annual report below.

NYRP FY17 Consolidated Statement

FY16 Form 990

NYRP FY16 Consolidated Statement

FY15 Annual Report

FY15 Form 990

NYRP FY15 Consolidated Statement

FY14 Annual Report

FY14 Form 990

NYRP FY14 Consolidated Statement

FY13 Annual Report