May in Northern Manhattan

Publicado por Sean Nevins

May has been a fantastic month for volunteers in Northern Manhattan, from Sherman Creek Stewards to our partner-led Children’s Garden programs! Despite the often dreary weather last month, folks were eager to get into their local parks to act as stewards of their environment. We were just as eager to give them the opportunity!

Here’s a quick recap of what happened in May...

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Become a Sherman Creek Steward!

Publicado por Sean Nevins

Daffodils are blooming, birds are singing, and the trees are starting to leaf out. It’s official. Spring is here! Time to get outside, into your parks and gardens, and bask in that glorious sunlight.

Of course, there’s more to do than reading a book on a sunny rock—though that does sound incredible. If you crave the satisfaction of digging into the soil, removing the last vestiges of a stubborn vine off of a suffocating tree, or surveying the clean green of a forest understory after clearing it of trash and debris, then you should consider becoming a Sherman Creek Steward!

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Volunteer on September 26th with our Compost Crew

Publicado por Sean Nevins

New York Restoration Project has a standing invitation to the rest of New York: come compost with us! Every Saturday morning, residents of Inwood drop-off their compostable food scraps at the Inwood Greenmarket We pick those scraps up in the afternoon and use them to make ‘black gold.’

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¿Cómo puedo ser voluntario de NYRP?

Publicado por Sean Nevins

Según la Corporación de Servicio Nacional y Comunitario, “Las investigaciones demuestran que el voluntariado conduce a una mejor salud y que los voluntarios reciben beneficios físicos y mentales de estas actividades”. ¿Cómo puede USTED ser voluntario de NYRP? Para aprender sobre las opciones que ofrece NYRP conversamos con nuestro Coordinador de Programas Públicos para el sector norte de Manhattan, Shakara Petteway.

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Invasive Species Awareness Week: A Global Perspective

Publicado por Filomena Riganti

It’s not all pretty! In recognition of National Invasive Species Awareness Week, Filomena Riganti, Project Manager at NYRP, will share information about an invasive species each day. Read on to learn more about these pests and what to look out for in a green space near you. Today, we delve into the spread of invasive species, and how it’s affecting NYC neighborhoods--like Inwood/Washington Heights.

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Danica Doroski

Publicado por Sadia Choudhury

Coordinadora de Voluntarios en NYRP

Danica Doroski toma un breve descanso entre el arduo trabajo de retirar las enredaderas invasivas para evitar que ahoguen los elevados árboles en el parque Highbridge y la siembra de semillas con los estudiantes de la escuela pública 5 en el Jardín de los Niños Riley Levin.

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