NYC Just Planted 1 Million Trees. Here’s How We Did It.

Publicado por Deborah Marton

Los Angeles tried. Denver tried. Boston tried. But so far, only New York has succeeded--becoming the first city in the world to plant one million trees.

The idea for MillionTreesNYC came to life eight years ago. New York Restoration Project (NYRP) had just planted 600 blossoming cherry trees along the Harlem and Hudson Rivers, and our Founder Bette Midler was showing them to then Mayor Michael Bloomberg. They were both captivated by the beauty and shared a deep commitment to sustainability—and they knew a city as great as New York could do better than 600 trees. So Bette turned to the Mayor and said “why should we stop here? We should plant one million!”

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NextCity: How 1 Million Trees Can Change a City

Publicado por Sean Nevins

NextCity's Jen Kinney dug deep into the MillionTreesNYC story - a successful public-private partnership between the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and the New York Restoration Project to plant one million trees in the city of New York by 2017. Well, we did it and in two years ahead of schedule!

Kinney notes that "The benefits of trees are manifold: They sequester carbon, filter air pollution and are rooted in soil that reduces stormwater runoff. But historically, not all neighborhoods have been equally forested". MillionTreesNYC brought trees to the most underserved of New York City neighborhood, increasing the urban canopy by 20%!

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All About Apples

Publicado por Claire Turner


Fall rolls around each year and I can’t stop thinking about apples. Living in New York City we have an abundance of orchards within a short drive of the city. But that’s just it – it typically takes driving out of the city to get your hands on an apple picked straight from the tree.

New York Restoration Project’s tree giveaway program is working to change that. Within a few years, the fruit trees given away through our program will begin to bear fruit. In fact, some trees already are. Over the course of MillionTreesNYC, NYRP has given away close to 10,000 fruit trees. The trees we gave away this fall will one day produce over 12,000 bushels of fruit!

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Preguntas y respuestas con Claire Turner: Reverdecer las calles y los techos de la ciudad de Nueva York

Publicado por Sean Nevins

Claire Turner es la Coordinadora del Programa de regalo de árboles del New York Restoration Project (NYRP), trabaja en el proyecto MillionTreesNYC, un proyecto público-privado dedicado a plantar un millón de árboles en la ciudad de Nueva York.

En su tiempo libre, cultiva en Brooklyn Grange, la granja de azotea más grande del mundo ubicada en LIC, Queens y el Astillero Naval de Brooklyn.

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2014 Trae el Verdor con la Abundancia de Eventos de Donación de Árboles

Publicado por Sean Nevins

Gracias a los patrocinadores principales TD Bank y Toyota, y el patrocinador de apoyo JetBlue, NYRP organiza más de 90 eventos de donación de árboles esta temporada, la cual se convertirá en la mayor temporada de donación de árboles hasta la fecha. Al asociarnos con más de 75 organizaciones locales, estamos encontrando hogares para 12,000 árboles durante el mes de mayo. Como el programa municipal de donación de árboles más grande del país, los eventos de donación de árboles de MillionTreesNYC ayudarán a que la iniciativa logre su objetivo de plantar y cuidar un millón de nuevos árboles para 2015.

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