Tree Giveaways

Tree giveaway registration is open!

Our beloved program is back this spring with events across all five boroughs from April through May. Please note that registration is mandatory! Find a date and location near you:

This year’s native tree species include: Allegheny Serviceberry, American BeechAmerican HornbeamAmerican PersimmonAmerican PlumBald CypressBasswood, Black CherryBlack GumBlack LocustEastern Red Cedar, Eastern RedbudElderberryFlowering DogwoodHighbush BlueberryHoney LocustNorthern Red OakPin OakRed MapleSwamp White OakSweetbay MagnoliaSycamoreWashington HawthornWhite Fringe TreeWillow OakWinged Sumac, and Witchhazel.

We thank Bloomberg Philanthropies for generous support of our work to steward and increase the tree canopy in New York City. Additional support for the tree giveaway program is provided by Citizens.

Our Tree Legacy

We started our very popular free tree giveaways in 2010 as part of the MillionTreesNYC initiative, which we led in partnership with the NYC Parks Department.

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