‘Work Days’ Help Community Gardens Thrive

When beautiful, open green space is more available to New Yorkers, we all win. There’s more room to relax and socialize, the environment brightens, and opportunities abound for better access to fresh, healthy food.

But freeing and maintaining that green space — especially in New York’s underserved neighborhoods — takes work. And that’s where YOU can help get the job done.

Work Days = More Fun Days

We gather local volunteers on a regular basis to weed, seed, mulch, till, plant and cultivate community gardens across New York City’s five boroughs.

We’re also grateful for support from organizations like Fidelis Care, whose employees are rolling up their sleeves to help out at five different community gardens across the city.

In addition to sponsoring those community gardens and volunteering with upkeep, Fidelis Care plans to provide educational activities that connect community gardens to the daily lives of local residents. Most recently, Fidelis Care employees helped out at the Clinton Avenue Community Garden in the Bronx on June 9, and will be back as more Work Days are announced throughout the growing season.

Spread the #greenandhealthy message

High-quality, thriving community gardens are the perfect backdrops for the health and wellness programs that will be offered through our partnership with Fidelis Care.

They’re also tangible proof of NYRP’s mission to bring beautiful, health-improving public space within ready walking distance of local residents.  

So we’re hoping we can count on you to help NYRP keep these spaces prospering. Visit NYRP online to get information on upcoming volunteer opportunities, and follow the #greenandhealthy hashtag on social media to view and share the latest happenings from the gardens.