Win the Winter Months with Gardener’s Pesto!

George Axiotakis, a Clay Avenue Community Garden member, taught NYRP how to make this holiday pesto. It’s a wonderful, light recipe that’ll win over family, neighbors, and anybody else that shows up at your dinner table this festive season.


Ingredients: 12 Long Sprigs of Sweet Basil, 6 to 8 oz. of Olive Oil, 4 Pieces of Garlic (finely chopped), 2 tbsps. of Pine Nuts (you can substitute chopped walnuts), 1/2 cup of Parmesan Cheese, and Black Pepper to Taste.

Preparation: 1) Strip basil leaves and chop. Discard the stems; 2) Add basil and oil to blender, set to low or "chop" setting and belend for two minutes; 3) Add pine nuts, garlic, cheese, and black pepper. Blend on medium or "blend" for two more minutes. Don not go higher. You want the consistency of a thick smoothie; 4) If pesto is too thick, add oil. If it's too oily, add more basil leaves; 5) Refrigerate and store (If pesto is to be frozen, omit cheese from the recipe. It is easiest to freeze basil in ice cube trays. When ready to use, thaw and add cheese). Voila!