Why partner with NYRP

Why we’ve decided to partner with NYRP – from the co-founders of The Bronx Brewery, Chris Gallant and Damian Brown

Since starting The Bronx Brewery, we have always tried to support charitable and non-profit organizations that promote causes close to our hearts in the Bronx and around the city as much as we can. Giving back has been a core part of our company for five years. We’ve supported animal causes, schools, museums, and everything in between. As we grew and were able to provide more support, we began to search for an organization that would allow us to consolidate our efforts to make a real impact on something very important to us. It turns out that we had to look no further than our own backyard.

The New York Restoration Project has been a leader in creating and restoring green spaces throughout The City for over 20 years. With their longstanding experience, including the incredibly successful Million Trees Project, and the newly announced program right here in our South Bronx neighborhood – The Haven Project – we knew that NYRP was in the business of significantly impacting the communities they touch. At the heart of our company ethos is the concept that we’re going to roll up our sleeves to make change happen, not just watch it happen. And when we found that NYRP shared that mindset and shared our passion for the borough, it became clear that these guys were the ones that were going to help us give back to the neighborhood that has given so much to us.

So we put our heads together and launched a few efforts, including monthly “Twigs & Swigs” events where our employees and local volunteers plant greenery (and then drink beer); fundraisers at our Tasting Room to highlight the NYRP local efforts; and a neighborhood shuttle to transport community members to green spaces like Randall’s Island. But what we are most proud of is Bronx Banner, a beer made in collaboration with the NYRP team. As part of this collaborative effort, we will donate 5% of all proceeds from the sale of this beer in the market and 10% of all proceeds from this beer sold on site, here in our Tasting Room, to The Haven Project. We are truly humbled by this opportunity and hope that all these efforts, along with the other many great things that NYRP is doing, will continue to make the South Bronx a better, greener place to live, work, and visit.


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