Top 4 Reasons to Support Community Gardens and Credit Unions

Let's weigh in on the top similarities between community gardens and credit unions, including the #1 reason why you should invest in BOTH!!

New York Restoration Project (community gardens) and Brooklyn Coop (federal credit union)

  • Tailored to Local Needs

 Brooklyn Coop (BCoop) is a grassroots financial institution that prioritizes the financial stability of its members above all. Our strengths lie in the affordability of our account services, a comprehensive loan program, a wide range of supporting services offered (such as tax prep), and our commitment to communities neglected by mainstream banking institutions.  Members may:

  • apply for a mortgage or business loan
  • start savings for children
  • sign up for free financial counseling or homeownership workshops
  • receive big Citi Bike discounts (only offer in Brooklyn!!)

New York Restoration Project's (NYRP) community gardens provide oases of tranquility amidst oceans of concrete – functioning as urban farms, social gathering spaces and outdoor classrooms in areas of the city where public parks or other open spaces do not exist.  

  • Collectively Responsible

 NYRP's land-based approach to community building delivers a range of benefits to the residents (of the areas it serves):

  • Health and Safety
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environment

A credit union is a cooperative, meaning that individual depositors are also owners. You – along with the thousands of your neighbors that are already members – have a voice in the policies and procedures of your local financial institution.  Becoming a member of BCoop strengthens financial institutions that are locally governed and accountable to the people they serve.

  • Link to Other Partners

BCoop's 501c3 affiliate Grow Brooklyn offers free tax preparation for individuals and families through the VITA program. Currently it is one of Kings County's largest tax preparers and in the top 5% of all VITA sites in the country.  In 2016, BCoop operated 7 locations, prepared 5,000 tax returns, and returned about $7 million in refunds to Central Brooklyn. 

As the co-leader of MillionTreesNYC—a PlaNYC initiative launched in 2007 to plant and care for one million new trees in partnership with NYC Parks—NYRP is well on their way to achieving their goalfinished this first-of-its-kind community greening campaign in 2015, two years ahead of schedule.

So what's the #1 reason to support both NYRP's community gardens and BCoop …..

***Stronger Together***

NYRP is the only conservancy working city wide to protect and preserve spaces lacking adequate municipal support—bringing all of the environmental, social, and health benefits of green space to the city's least-green, high-need neighborhoods.

BCoop ensures that dollars are invested back into their neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and that those investments are directed with the purpose of encouraging local economic development. BCoop lives by its tagline… Invest in Brooklyn. Bank with Us.

And to prove it even further, BCoop is offering YOU (a supporter of NYRP and its community gardens) a very special gift...