Prepare Your Garden For Spring!

Photo by Maria Shanina

Winter is in full swing, and while New York City is wrestling through several bouts of snow and bone-chilling low temperatures, many people cannot wait for the cold spell to be over, so they can welcome spring this year. It's still a few months away, but it’s a good time to plan ahead to prepare your home or community garden for spring planting. Doing a little maintenance before the planting season can help to make your garden thrive once the weather gets warmer. Here are a few pointers to prepare your garden for spring.

Clean up your garden

One of the first things that you have to do to prepare your garden for spring is to clean it up. Don’t leave gardening tools, toys, leaves, and debris on the lawn. Clearing your garden of these things can discourage damaging pests from destroying your plants and prevent plant and soil diseases. You should also cut back the dead growth of herbaceous perennials and deciduous grasses, though you can leave this task up until early spring.

Mow your lawn

While lawn grass is dormant in winter, it’s still important to do a bit of work to keep your garden in tip-top shape and ensure healthy growth in spring. Mow your lawn and keep the grass short as overly long grass can get damaged once it freezes and thaws. Replace your lawn mower blades so you can maintain a healthier lawn. Doing so also allows you to exert less effort when you’re cutting the grass.

Start sowing seeds

At the start of the year, you can start sowing seeds of plants which take some time to grow. Sow vegetable and flower seeds into pots or trays of sowing potting soil. If your home or community garden has a greenhouse, place the sown seeds in a heated propagator until the seedlings emerge. If you don’t have a greenhouse, you can make mini DIY versions using empty milk containers, plastic bottles, and the like.

Clean and organize gardening tools

If the ground and your plants have frozen and there’s nothing much that you can do about them, now may be the best time to clean and organize your gardening tools. Keep gardening gloves, twine, and other essentials in baskets and put larger tools in a wooden garden tool rack. Sharpen secateurs and other cutting tools to improve their performance and make gardening safer when spring comes.

Doing a little preparation before the spring planting can make gardening less stressful once the seasons change. Follow these tips to prepare your garden for spring and have healthy and thriving flowers and vegetables that your community will enjoy.