NYRP Community Garden To Host ‘Lunchology’ Event

Helping kids make healthy food choices is a challenge, especially during back-to-school time. It’s natural to seek the most convenient options for the sake of saving time and sanity. But with a little extra help, the convenient choices can be healthier, too!

Thanks to Fidelis Care and lifestyle expert Evette Rios, that extra help is here with the new initiative Lunchology: The Basics of Healthy School Lunches.

Lunchology teaches families the basics of better food choices, at the school lunch table and beyond, by providing parents with unique, affordable school lunch ideas that put healthier twists on classic kid fare without too much preparation or stress.

On September 30, NYRP will be joining the Lunchology initiative by hosting a special LIVE lunch prep demo with Evette Rios at the Bronx Target Community Garden, 1025 Anderson Avenue. Evette will be showing us two exclusive recipes from the Lunchology menu, with an ingredient or two from the community garden mixed in! We’ll also be giving away lunch totes and other convenient supplies.

As stewards of green spaces that give people more convenient access to fresh, locally grown food, we couldn’t be more excited to support Lunchology and the healthier eating concepts it offers. We hope you’ll join us for a fun, informative day in the Bronx Target Community Garden!

To download the full menu planner, and access more of Evette Rios’ unique school lunch ideas, visit fideliscare.org/Lunchology, or following along on social media with #lunchology.

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