Gardening Tips & Tricks: Water and Mulch!

At NYRP, our staff is comprised of dedicated, motivated, and green-minded individuals. These folks include experts in the field of horticulture, landscape architecture, environmental education, and community relations that are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with you. We asked a few of our resident gardening experts for their top tips to help you get the most out of your garden this season! Read on to learn about watering and mulching from Rosemarie Miner, our Citywide Volunteer Programs Coordinator, and join her in the field at our next volunteer event!

Water in the morning or evening, never in the heat of midday!
It is ideal to water early in the morning, as early as possible really. If you can't water in the morning aim to water when you arrive home in the evening, around 4-7 pm. Watering late at night invites mildew and fungus. In the hot afternoon, much of your water can be lost to wind and evaporation. 

Do water every day, or every day that you remember!
Watering is especially important for newly planted material. When you water the soil surrounding the plant's root zone you are encouraging root growth. This root growth helps the plant to establish itself in the new location. 

Mulch everything!
A layer of mulch, one to two inches thick, acts as a protective cover for the soil. Loss of moisture, from evaporation, is greatly minimized, as is weed growth. Mulch saves a gardener a lot of work! Aim to use leaf mulch, or a finely shredded wood mulch, to increase absorption of water. Lastly, another bonus of using mulch is the polished look that it gives your project. Mulch illustrates intention.

Put your new knowledge into action and volunteer with Rose in the field at one of our upcoming events below!

GROW Brooklyn: Food Scraps to Compost
Saturday, June 25, 2-4PM
St. John’s Recreation Center (map)

Bring the whole family to enjoy workshops, music, and other green activities! Join NYRP at GROW Brooklyn for a composting workshop from 2-3pm. Stay with us from 3-4pm and put your new skills to work by adding food scraps from the day’s event to the compost bin on site. And be sure to check out the workshop on transplanting with members from Imani Community Garden, an NYRP garden. [Workshop 2-3pm, Volunteer 3-4pm]

Twigs & Swigs: 132nd Street Pier Clean-Up
Saturday, July 2, 1-4PM
The Bronx Brewery (map)

Help us continue to care for Port Morris!  Earlier in the year Twigs & Swigs volunteers cleaned out the tree beds on 136th street, removing litter, weeds and adding mulch. It made a HUGE difference in the appearance of the street and the health of the trees! This month we will continue greening the neighborhood by cleaning up the 132nd Street Pier, a site we're transforming into a public park in the years to come. Volunteer with us from 1-3 pm and then join us for a happy hour at the Bronx Brewery! The first round of drinks is free for volunteers, courtesy of the Bronx Brewery. Twigs & Swigs is a great way to get out and explore NYC, dig in a get your hands dirty and meet like-minded people looking to have a good time!