Friendship Community Garden Celebrates 10 Years!

“Over 30 years ago Mrs. McClarey and her neighbors on W 150th St. transformed our garden from a pile of trash into a beautiful green space where our neighbors can meet and get to know each other,” said Signe Mortensen, garden coordinator at Friendship Community Garden, during the ten-year celebration of the garden’s redesign. “We must know our history in the community in order to embrace the future and the garden is a cornerstone of coming together,” Mortensen said.

On August 18, approximately 170 residents celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Friendship Community Garden in Harlem, New York. The celebration featured walking tours, trivia, a memorial wall, a summary of the garden’s history, and delicious rainbow lollipops.

In 2007, as part of their Green for Good campaign, the smash Broadway production of Wicked provided funding to renovate the Friendship Garden with a wildly imaginative and fantastical design provided by the show’s Associate Scenic Designer, Edward Pierce. This year’s event celebrated the redesign and the importance of the garden to the neighborhood. Mortensen said the garden group was extremely excited to celebrate the anniversary. “Community garden spaces are so important in a city as big as NYC, so we thank NYRP and all our volunteers and gardeners for supporting ours,” he said.

Special thanks to Wicked for their ongoing support of the garden and for raffling tickets of the musical to garden members!