Welcome to El Barrio!


“Today more than ever, telling someone that they belong, that this space is for them to care for, that this is for them to love and enjoy, is revolutionary,” said Director of Community Engagement Annel Cabrera-Marus at NYRP’s annual fundraising gala, Spring Picnic, in June. “It is a revolutionary act to make sure that community is heard and that they see themselves in our open spaces,” she said.

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Father and Son Return to Team NYRP


"Public space and respect for the natural environment is under threat more right now than ever before," said Zach Kalet-Schwartz, 25, a video editor who lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. "We need strong voices and actions, like those of NYRP, to oppose those threats," he said.

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Architectural Digest Selects Willis Avenue as One of NYC’s Most Beautiful Secret Gardens


“Once a vacant and trash-filled eyesore, this 9,063 square-foot garden – encompassing four city lots – was originally founded in 1997 by members of the nearby Congregational Church of North New York and other local residents, and it was one of the community gardens saved in 1999 by NYRP,” wrote Jane Garmey in City Green: Public Gardens of New York, a new book from Monacelli Press that features twenty-five special gardens throughout the city.

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Workforce NYRP: “Never Limit Yourself”


“Throughout the years NYRP did a great job of training me as far as just learning how to lean more towards the horticultural side of things,” said Donte Taylor, Deputy Director of Community Gardens at New York Restoration Project. “NYRP has taught me to never limit yourself,” he added.

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Barbara Wilks Supports Team NYRP: So Can You!


“The Five Boro Bike Tour is a great way to get out and bike in the streets,” said Barbara Wilks, founder of W Architecture and Landscape Architecture, to NYRP. “I was impressed by the tour last year, it was set up nicely, and was a great way see to the city,” she said. Wilks is a longtime supporter of NYRP, a member of the Chairman’s Council, and has been riding on Team NYRP for the last 3 years.

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