Red, White and Bluegrass at Morris-Jumel Mansion

Posted by Alyssa Martori

This year, New York Restoration Project, has partnered with the Morris-Jumel Mansion to bring more fantastic programs to Washington Heights. The founding fathers would be proud.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is the oldest house in Manhattan, built in 1765. The house sits on what was known as Mount Morris (today, Sugar Hill), one of the highest points on the island--making it as historically strategic as it is modernly scenic. Though it was originally built as a summer villa, the house has been a farmhouse, Revolutionary War headquarters, tavern, museum, and dinner party destination for the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. It’s been a busy place for the past 250 years.

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Chicken Enthusiasts Gather in Crown Heights

Posted by Alyssa Martori

Tell someone you want to raise chickens in New York City and you'll likely get a glaring side eye and a slew of objections. Urban chicken keepers often face questions about space, safety, smells, and sounds. Luckily City Chicken Institute is dispelling the myth that there’s no room for chickens in our cityscape.

New York Restoration Project, partnering with Just Food, presents monthly workshops with Lydia Schmidt and the happy hens of Imani Community Garden in Crown Heights.

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Serving My City: Life in AmeriCorps as a New Yorker

Posted by Sean Nevins

We're so grateful for our partnership with AmeriCorps that brings us fabulous, dedicated individuals who love serving the city of New York. This week, we caught up with Elizabeth Oakley who is serving as an Event & Outreach Assistant in our Public Programming department. As a native New Yorker, her perspective on running events with community members is inspiring. Check it out below.

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Life after AmeriCorps: Elaine Markovich

Posted by Anne Tan-Detchkov

Soon-to-be Community Health Volunteer with Peace Corps Ethiopia, Elaine reflects on her service as AmeriCorps Public Events and Outreach Assistant with us at NYRP. Both positions highlight Elaine’s personal (and selfless) interests: dedicating service and empowering community.

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