Bathgate Community Garden Mural Unveiling

Posted by Anna Yatskevich

Just over a year ago, Bathgate Community Garden in the Tremont neighborhood of the South Bronx was an abandoned space. For nearly 20 years, the 16,000 square feet of empty space was totally vacant, but not anymore. Last year, NYRP started began transforming the space into a beautiful green garden that welcomes all community members.

The garden is now officially open and, to make the space even livelier, NYRP partnered with the Bronx Museum of the Arts to commission a mural that now oversees the garden. The mural was created by P.S. 236 third graders and Bronx based artists Lady K Fever and Dister.

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How can you volunteer with NYRP?

Posted by Sean Nevins

According to The Corporation for National & Community Service, “Research demonstrates that volunteering leads to better health and that volunteers receive physical and mental health benefits from [such] activities.” So how can YOU volunteer with NYRP? We caught up with our Northern Manhattan Public Programs Coordinator, Shakara Petteway to learn more.

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Twilight in the Garden Shadow Shows

Posted by Sean Nevins

Enjoy shadow puppet shows in NYRP’s Brooklyn gardens. Midnight Radio Show, a Brooklyn-based shadow puppetry theatre company, uses handmade cutouts to bring original fairy tales to life. Light, shadow, original piano scores, and theatrical narration create enchanting tales of fairies, mermaids, and space pirates, on their hunts for treasure and quests for love.

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