So you’re a renter and you want to plant a tree

Posted by Claire Turner

Most lease agreements have a clause preventing renters from making permanent alterations to the landscape (for example planting a tree). However, something as simple as approaching your landlord or property owner with a well thought-out proposal could be enough to achieve written consent. Getting approval before planting a tree will help ensure the long-term survival of the tree and may even open the door to a better relationship.

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How to: Grow Basil Indoors

Posted by Jason Sheets

Freshly picked basil adds an irreplaceable taste of softly crisp greens to any meal. With the proper tools and the right growing conditions, basil is easy to grow indoors. Here’s how you can get started with your own patch of the delicious herb indoors.

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View from the Garden: Frankie and Carlos

Posted by Sadia Choudhury

Visit The Heckscher Foundation Children’s Garden and you will almost certainly find Frankie or Carlos.

Frankie and Carlos, retirees, best friends, and gardeners, are staples in the Williamsburg neighborhood. As dedicated garden volunteers for the past four years, they’ve developed a constant presence in the space.

In Williamsburg—a neighborhood that has changed dramatically over the last 10 years—the garden serves as shared ground for new and longtime residents to meet and mingle.

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View from the Garden: Nayda Maymi

Posted by Sadia Choudhury

Don't let the weather fool you, spring is around the corner. In anticipation, we're sharing some stories from our gardeners last spring. Nayda Maymi began gardening at the Essex Street Community Garden four years ago. As she strolled from one garden bed to another, inspecting the growing bok choy and tomatoes, she told us how she became involved with the garden.

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