From Car Park to a Garden for the City


Over a two-week period in June, over 75 volunteers worked with NYRP operations staff to transform a parking lot at Kingsbridge Heights Community Center in the Bronx into a lush community garden in the largest scale project of its kind.

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Engineering the Environment: NYRP Restores Harlem Shoreline


On Wednesday, June 7, Jason Smith pulled on a tall pair of rubber waders, along with about 10 other NYRP staff and volunteers, and headed out into the eroding marshland along Sherman Creek Park’s shoreline. “We went out there because we want to plant the seeds for a new marsh to grow,” he said. Smith is the Regional Director of Northern Manhattan at NYRP.

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Gothamitis: The Neighborly City


“What is the nature of an urban area? It is negotiating public space,” said Michael Kimmelman, an architecture critic for The New York Times, while on a stellar panel organized by NYRP on May 16.

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Expanding The Special Harlem River Waterfront District


The South Bronx landscape and Harlem River Waterfront has, for years, been a diamond in the rough. With its beautiful waterfront access cut off by flood resilient structures and specialized restrictions, a city plan has been set in motion to provide open spaces and direct access to the water and surrounding land.

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Partner: BK Coop


Ever wondered about the federal credit union in your neighborhood? Unlike a bank, why does a credit union require membership? Are there benefits? How do banks and credit unions compare? If you reside in a more progressive community, these financial questions may come up for you. We asked the Branch Manager of Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union (BK Coop) in Bed Stuy, and she helped us (NYRP) navigate some answers to our questions…

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