Spring Picnic 2018 NYRP ❤️ East Harlem


To all the incredible attendees of Spring Picnic at Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem, thank you so much! It was an exceptionally magical evening and would not have been possible without your support! NYRP extends a special thanks to honorees Diane and Clyde Brownstone and Todd DeGarmo for their outstanding leadership in supporting our work.

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Forget Me Not: How to Look After Your Garden Space on Vacation


If you’re lucky enough to live in New York, you already know that you need a break from the Big Apple bustle every so often. But if you are one of the growing number of residents that have a plot in one of the city’s community gardens, an important question arises: How are you going to keep tabs on your garden space?

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Father and Son Return to Team NYRP


"Public space and respect for the natural environment is under threat more right now than ever before," said Zach Kalet-Schwartz, 25, a video editor who lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. "We need strong voices and actions, like those of NYRP, to oppose those threats," he said.

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Architectural Digest Selects Willis Avenue as One of NYC’s Most Beautiful Secret Gardens


“Once a vacant and trash-filled eyesore, this 9,063 square-foot garden – encompassing four city lots – was originally founded in 1997 by members of the nearby Congregational Church of North New York and other local residents, and it was one of the community gardens saved in 1999 by NYRP,” wrote Jane Garmey in City Green: Public Gardens of New York, a new book from Monacelli Press that features twenty-five special gardens throughout the city.

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Beavers Return to Manhattan after near 300-Year Absence


"A beaver has been sighted at Sherman Creek Park, but it doesn't look like it settled down there," said Ben Saddock, a local birdwatcher and frequent visitor to the park. "There were no visible signs of a lodge," he said.

The Sherman Creek Beaver, who some call "Sherm," was spotted by several residents and members of NYRP staff, the first beaver sightings in Manhattan since before the U.S. became a country. The possibility of beavers returning to Manhattan was predicted years ago, however, after a pair of beavers were spotted in the Bronx River in 2007. It is unknown if Sherm is related.

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Bringing Nature Into Gardens and Parks


After a long harsh winter, our thoughts turn to spring, anticipating green shoots, spring flowers, warm weather, and the sound of birds singing and insects humming. To take advantage of the change in season, adapt your garden to create natural habitats, attracting more wildlife right on your doorstep and make your own contribution to the "Greener NYC" initiative.

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