#TeamNYRP Five Boro Bike Tour Member Casey Peterson

Posted by Casey Peterson

NYRP is taking it to the streets!

On May 1st, #TeamNYRP will take New York City by storm at the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, joining 32, 000 cyclists in experiencing a car-free NYC. We have a team of incredible charity riders who are raising much needed funds for New York City green spaces, helping ensure that every New Yorker has access to high-quality open space in their neighborhood. To get to know these amazing individuals, we'll be featuring them regularly on our blog until race day on May 1st! Meet #TeamNYRP rider and staff member, Casey Peterson!

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Ready for Spring in East Harlem

Posted by Leah Silver

Last Wednesday, January 27, over 400 people who live in East Harlem, love East Harlem, and work in East Harlem gathered at El Museo to see the final recommendations from the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan, an initiative led by Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, Manhattan Borough President Brewer, Community Board 11, and Community Voices Heard. NYRP presented the open space recommendations informed by community input sessions and brought to life in partner meetings.

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Photo of the Week - Volunteering with NYRP

Posted by Leah Silver

Did you know you can volunteer with New York Restoration Project? Whether you’d like to volunteer as an individual or with your co-workers, NYRP offers a variety of volunteer opportunities across the five boroughs. Join us in cleaning, greening, and caring for parks, NYRP’s 52 community gardens and other open spaces across New York City. There’s so much to do and so many opportunities to get involved, meet other like-minded New Yorkers, and have a blast making an impact and creating a more sustainable city for all New Yorkers!

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Photo of the Week - Winter Storm Jonas Meets our Operations Crew

Posted by Leah Silver

Winter storm Jonas hit New York City with a record breaking 26.8 inches of snow this weekend, going down in history as the second-largest snowstorm since 1869! Luckily, our amazing Operations Crew was able to hit the streets Sunday morning to clear sidewalks in and around NYRP community gardens city-wide. Without rockstars like the ones in the picture above, our work would not be possible. We’re incredibly lucky to have such hardworking and dedicated individuals, many of which are completely a term of service as AmeriCorps! Thank you for all of your incredible work in ensuring New Yorkers have access to high-quality open space no matter where they live.

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NYC Just Planted 1 Million Trees. Here’s How We Did It.

Posted by Deborah Marton

Los Angeles tried. Denver tried. Boston tried. But so far, only New York has succeeded--becoming the first city in the world to plant one million trees.

The idea for MillionTreesNYC came to life eight years ago. New York Restoration Project (NYRP) had just planted 600 blossoming cherry trees along the Harlem and Hudson Rivers, and our Founder Bette Midler was showing them to then Mayor Michael Bloomberg. They were both captivated by the beauty and shared a deep commitment to sustainability—and they knew a city as great as New York could do better than 600 trees. So Bette turned to the Mayor and said “why should we stop here? We should plant one million!”

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NextCity: How 1 Million Trees Can Change a City

Posted by Leah Silver

NextCity's Jen Kinney dug deep into the MillionTreesNYC story - a successful public-private partnership between the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and the New York Restoration Project to plant one million trees in the city of New York by 2017. Well, we did it and in two years ahead of schedule!

Kinney notes that "The benefits of trees are manifold: They sequester carbon, filter air pollution and are rooted in soil that reduces stormwater runoff. But historically, not all neighborhoods have been equally forested". MillionTreesNYC brought trees to the most underserved of New York City neighborhood, increasing the urban canopy by 20%!

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Photo of the Week: City Chicken Institute

Posted by Leah Silver

It’s true that NYRP’s gardens serve as calming green havens from New York City’s fast-paced rhythm. But, did you know NYRP gardens also supply communities with fresh, locally grown produce and even… eggs?! A few of our gardens are home to wonderful flocks of chickens right here in the urban jungle and YOU can get involved to learn more about raising your own chickens in our City Chicken Institute!

We partner with Just Food, an awesome NYC based organization that empowers and supports community leaders to advocate for and increase healthy, locally-grown food, especially in under-served neighborhoods. Together, we created the City Chicken Institute to teach community members how to keep chickens in the big city.

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From the desk of Founder Bette Midler

Posted by Leah Silver

To our dearest supporters,

Between holiday fêtes, dinner parties, and New Year’s Eve, there will be plenty of cheer and goodwill this week. But, I’m saving one special toast for you – because you’ve had an outstanding year!
It’s clear as day: through your support of New York Restoration Project, you restored our urban environment, transformed communities, and changed lives.

You have supported our shared vision generously, and I can’t let you down now. So I’ve made a $100,000 pledge to you. To honor your commitment to our groundbreaking work, I am matching your year-end gift.

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Photo of the Week: Sherman Creek Park Compost Crew on Duty

Posted by Leah Silver

Welcome to our new blog series, NYRP Photo of the Week! After a successful and fantastic season, we want to reflect on and highlight all the wonderful people and spaces that bring our organization to life across the five boroughs. Our amazing AmeriCorps Marketing Assistant, Anna Yatskevich, brings you some of her favorite photographs from this past gardening season as well current photos throughout the incoming winter season. Stay tuned each week to catch a glimpse into the everyday of New York Restoration Project’s green spaces, programs, staff and family of community gardeners.

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