The Walt Disney Company Celebrates 103rd Street Community Garden Expansion


On Tuesday, June 14th we celebrated the expansion of the 103rd Street Community Garden in East Harlem. The Garden re-opening showcased the additional 2,200 square feet of space, bringing the total size of the garden to 17,600 square feet, approximately ½ an acre! This expansion was made possible from sponsor The Walt Disney Company and through materials and volunteer labor provided by The Home Depot, Scotts Miracle-Gro and Old Castle/Belgard.

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Red, White and Bluegrass at Morris-Jumel Mansion


This year, New York Restoration Project, has partnered with the Morris-Jumel Mansion to bring more fantastic programs to Washington Heights. The founding fathers would be proud.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is the oldest house in Manhattan, built in 1765. The house sits on what was known as Mount Morris (today, Sugar Hill), one of the highest points on the island--making it as historically strategic as it is modernly scenic. Though it was originally built as a summer villa, the house has been a farmhouse, Revolutionary War headquarters, tavern, museum, and dinner party destination for the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. It’s been a busy place for the past 250 years.

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K-6 Grade Garden Growers Got Their Hands Dirty this Spring!


Summer is here! For some, this is a time for graduation, trips to the beach, and depending on your neighborhood, the classic New York City block party where folks come together for BBQs, games of dominoes, and double-dutch on the sidewalk. For NYRP's environmental educators, the beginning of summer signals the end of our spring Garden Growers program.

Our environmental education team aims to introduce hundreds of children a year to New York City’s nature and ecology by turning the city’s parks and community gardens into outdoor classrooms. Since late March, NYRP environmental educators engaged 15 classes across Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn in multiple garden sessions. K-6 grade students met every 2 weeks, for a total of 5 sessions per school; totaling 75 sessions in all! Students joined us outside and got dirty in NYRP garden beds raising vegetables from seed to plate while gaining valuable lessons in environmental science and stewardship.

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‘Work Days’ Help Community Gardens Thrive


When beautiful, open green space is more available to New Yorkers, we all win. There’s more room to relax and socialize, the environment brightens, and opportunities abound for better access to fresh, healthy food.

But freeing and maintaining that green space—especially in New York’s underserved neighborhoods--takes work. And that’s where YOU can help get the job done.

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Chicken Enthusiasts Gather in Crown Heights


Tell someone you want to raise chickens in New York City and you'll likely get a glaring side eye and a slew of objections. Urban chicken keepers often face questions about space, safety, smells, and sounds. Luckily City Chicken Institute is dispelling the myth that there’s no room for chickens in our cityscape.

New York Restoration Project, partnering with Just Food, presents monthly workshops with Lydia Schmidt and the happy hens of Imani Community Garden in Crown Heights.

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Gardening Tips & Tricks: Water and Mulch!


At NYRP, our staff is comprised of dedicated, motivated, and green-minded individuals. These folks include experts in the field of horticulture, landscape architecture, environmental education, and community relations that are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with you. We asked a few of our resident gardening experts for their top tips to help you get the most out of your garden this season! Read on to learn about watering and mulching from Rosemarie Miner, our Citywide Volunteer Programs Coordinator, and join her in the field at our next volunteer event!

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30 Trees in 30 Days


Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village was originally constructed in 1947 as a haven for WWII vets returning home. Built with the intention of housing families in a quiet, peaceful environment, flowers, grass, and trees were a significant part of the vision. Many of those trees planted almost 70 years ago still stand today, healthy as ever and providing shade and fresh air to 2016 New Yorkers just as they did for the vets and their families. Though many of those trees maintain their vitality at a ripe old age, not all of the original plantings have been so lucky.

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May in Northern Manhattan


May has been a fantastic month for volunteers in Northern Manhattan, from Sherman Creek Stewards to our partner-led Children’s Garden programs! Despite the often dreary weather last month, folks were eager to get into their local parks to act as stewards of their environment. We were just as eager to give them the opportunity!

Here’s a quick recap of what happened in May...

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Cross-Generational Cooperation in Bloom in 50 Cent Community Garden


Health4Youth is a citywide non-profit dedicated to encouraging youth to reach their full potential. They run a gardening and beautification project with a multitude of NYC gardens, and have been working with NYRP for the past 3 seasons in the Westervelt, Riley Levin, and 50 Cent Community Gardens.

The 50 Cent Community Garden is a vibrant and organized garden in Jamaica, Queens where many of the 12+ community gardeners have called home for over 10 years. This garden's intergenerational communication is an amazing skill for these youth to learn at a young age. Further, the garden's long-standing history gives them a sense of ownership of their community and a desire for change. While working in the garden, the youth get a chance to understand the importance of caring for green spaces in their neighborhoods.

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Arts Education with NYRP


Gardens can be places of intrigue and inspiration. What better place to bring creativity to life. This spring NYRP is connecting two classes to two professional artists to bring student artwork to the 211th Street Community Garden and La Casita Community Garden.

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