Making New York City Safer, Healthier, and Happier: The Evidence

At New York Restoration Project, we have long understood that our spaces have tremendous impacts on the communities that surround them. Removing disorder and demonstrating care sends a message to residents that their community is valued. But it does more than that. A growing body of evidence drawn from cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Youngstown, Ohio demonstrate that improvements to green spaces have a significant impact on safety, mental health, perceptions of worthlessness, and longer-term health outcomes.

Below are various newspaper clippings, journal articles, and documents that support NYRP’s vision for a better future for all city residents.  

Neighborhoods with more green space may mean less heart disease

Science Daily
People who live in neighborhoods with more green spaces may have better blood vessel health and lower levels of stress, and a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and others.

CityViews: Want to Fight Crime? Invest in Parks!

City Limits
This first-ever citywide study has shown striking reductions in crime, including gun violence, correlated with increased access to thriving green space.