Community Gardener
Gardener Volunteer, Sheridan Dean, at NYRP's Jane Bailey Community Garden

The cornerstone of New York Restoration Project’s (NYRP) mission and work continues to be the restoration, re-design, maintenance and programming of the organization’s 52 community gardens located throughout New York City’s five boroughs. In today’s urban environment, NYRP’s community gardens provide tranquility where concrete otherwise rules – functioning as urban farms, free social gathering spaces and outdoor classrooms in areas of the city where public parks or other open spaces do not or simply cannot exist.  NYRP partners with community residents to ensure that these outdoor green spaces continue to thrive and forever remain open for free public use. Some of NYRP gardens are wheelchair, visually, and learning-impaired accessible. 

Today, NYRP’s community gardens – along with gardens owned and maintained by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation’s GreenThumb, The Trust for Public Land, the New York City Housing Authority and others – are enjoyed by residents of all ages, with or without green thumbs, and create a vital network of green, open space across the city. 

Gardens are closed during the winter season. All NYRP gardens have locks to protect the space and vegetation during closed hours. Gardens are required to hold at minimum 20 open hours per week April - October and post those hours for public information. If the gates are locked during the posted public hours, please notify NYRP at 212-333-2552. If you would like a garden key, please contact the garden group.


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With two decades of experience bringing resources to neighborhoods that need it the most, NYRP offers New Yorkers the opportunity to revitalize local community green spaces. Our Gardens for the City program invites community members to submit an application requesting NYRP's assistance to create or renovate public open space in their neighborhood. We provide materials, manpower and expertise in construction, horticulture, forestry and environmental education, while working closely with community residents and volunteers to transform their space. 

Other community organizations with year-round support for greening and block beautification including: Grow to Learn, Citizens, IOBY, CBU, Build it Green! NYC, and 596 Acres

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