Since its founding in 1995, New York Restoration Project (NYRP) has relied – and thrived – on the support and collaboration of partners to achieve our goals. From the beginning, when Founder Bette Midler recruited friends and neighbors to help clean up local parks or joined with like-minded organizations to save community gardens, working with others has been at the very root of NYRP’s existence. Even today, nothing we do, we do alone.

Whether an individual, neighborhood group, educational institution, the philanthropic sector, corporate America, or a public or governmental agency – partners provide NYRP with the resources, insight and inspiration to implement a ever-growing agenda of projects, large and small. We are nothing without the help others and, together, we have accomplished remarkable things by bringing many voices and perspectives to the table.

NYRP’s friends and partners have played a vital role in transforming our once grass-roots organization into one of New York City’s respected green non-profits. And now, more than ever, working together is critical to NYRP’s mission to achieve a greater, greener New York City. The challenges are real, but success attainable – so long as we continue to have the support and input of those who share our vision. NYRP invites all who view the restoration and beautification of open space as a means to stimulate economic development, enhance public health and promote environmental stewardship and responsibility throughout the city to join us, and we acknowledge and applaud those who have already done so.


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