NYRP is proud to announce the launch of our newest neighborhood-based initiative – our Community Garden Docent Program. Created to engage more neighborhood members in NYRP’s green spaces, the goal of this program is to help promote public access to and participation in all of our 55 community gardens citywide by providing first-hand, on-site assistance and instruction through our trained and specialized docents. Initially piloted in NYRP’s Home Depot and 103rd Street Community Gardens, the program will eventually take root in all of our 55 community gardens citywide.

In an effort to accomplish the program’s goals, NYRP’s docents have been assisting our Community Development Team by acting as NYRP ambassadors in each of our garden sites. Each week, our docents ensure that the garden environment is safe for all users; provide orientations and garden guidelines to prospective garden members; and interact with community members during public open hours, at monthly garden meetings and at neighborhood events. Additionally, docents – in conjunction with NYRP horticulture staff – will be providing interactive programming, such as our tree care and adoption workshops, in an effort to introduce more New York City residents to all of the ways they can expand their greening efforts beyond the traditional garden gates to beautify the nearby streets and neighborhoods that surround each of NYRP’s beloved community treasures.

On a weekly basis, docents will also be involved in nominating a local resident or business for NYRP’s Random Acts of Greenness Award. Keep up-to-date on all of their stories, photographs and daily interactions with community gardeners by becoming a fan on NYRP’s Facebook page today!


Friday, September 10, 2010 5:47 PM
What a terrific concept!
Will the docents be volunteers? How can someone sign up?

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